[petite honeybee designs]

art and things by emily garrett.
omgmyunicornuniverse asked: Wow! im impressed your so talented I love your art work


Thank you so much!

Anonymous asked: You still sooooo need to do a sped up video of you doing a project! Or at least parts of a project ;p It'd be super cool!


UGH I know right?? Maybe I’ll do that soon, I have a lot more free time lately :)

Anonymous asked: When will Lana del Rey and Lady Gaga be finished?


Lana is done, I’m getting her scanned and uploaded tomorrow :)

Gaga, though…I honestly have no idea. I work on her between projects, hehe

Newest work. Watercolor.

by Emily Garrett, 2014


Anonymous asked: Hi! I'm Jason, Araceli's Son(Quack Quack). I fell in love with your Lana Del Rey's drawing! Will it be for sell on your shop?


Awwwwwww hey Jason!! Heck yeah, I need to go get it scanned ASAP and I’ll post it as soon as I possibly can. <3 xoxo

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